Tuesday, 24 July 2012

UK Pet Food Company Wins Conservation Award

Welsh pet food company, Burns Pet Nutrition, has won the RSPB Telegraph Nature of Farming Award for Wales 2012. This annual competition recognises the positive work of farmers who use sympathetic farming methods to create wildlife habitat.

John and Tegwen Burns purchased the land which makes up Penlan Farm six years ago to produce seasonal vegetables and free-range eggs for the company’s “Penlan Farm” moist dog food range. In 2009 the company started an ongoing programme of conservation work at the farm with the assistance and guidance of FWAG Cymru (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group). Farm Secretary, Rowan Flindall said “The introduction of crops which are not common to Carmarthenshire farms long with the creation and restoration of wildlife habitat has encouraged a much more diverse wildlife population. The benefit of the farm team’s hard work has been clearly illustrated by the increasing numbers of overwintering farmland birds and raptors, a thriving and diverse insect population and the re-emergence of a number of unusual native plant species.”

As well as FWAG, Burns works with a number of conservation partners and advisors including RSPB Cymru, Butterfly Conservation, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Plantlife, and the Botanical Society of the British Isles.

The award was presented to Burns’ Managing Director and owner, John Burns, by Alun Davies, the Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Agriculture, and Katie-jo Luxton, Director of RSPB Cymru, at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show yesterday.

Head Office Address
Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd, Ferry Road, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales, SA17 5EJ

Telephone: 01554 890482 (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm)
Website: www.burnspet.co.uk

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Horse Trust Remembers Hyde Park Horses Sefton and Echo

This Friday 20th July 2012 The Horse Trust based in Speen, Buckinghamshire will be remembering the tragic victims of the Hyde Park bombing. It is 30 years since this horrific atrocity in Knightsbridge, a car bomb that killed four soldiers and seven horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

Cavalry horses Sefton and Yeti and Metropolitan police horse, Echo, were retired from their duties to The Horse Trust's Home of Rest for Horses to live out the remainder of their days in the peace and tranquillity of the Chiltern Hills.

Probably the most remembered of these horses was Sefton. Born in Ireland and purchased by the army in 1967 for the Household Cavalry, this 16hh black gelding with a white blaze and four white socks was known for his bold and wilful character. Quite head-strong at times, Sefton was at his happiest grazing in the fields amongst his horsey friends.

One of these friends was stunning 16.1 hh, grey gelding, Echo, the Metropolitan Police horse who carried the marks of the infamous attack with a piece of shrapnel embedded in his side. Echo had made a good recovery from his wounds but was unable to continue with his duties as the explosion had made him nervous of traffic and crowds and was retired to The Horse Trust in 1983. He was the most sweet natured and amiable of horses and contentedly lived at the sanctuary for 20 years until his death from recurring colic in December 2003 at the age of 33.

Sefton did not return to regimental duties for some time but was a horse very much in demand by the public. One of his first appearances was at the Horse of the Year Show in October 1982 where he was joined by Echo which immediately brought the audience to a standing and emotional ovation. Sefton’s last ceremonial outing was at The Queen’s Birthday Parade in June 1984 and he was then retired to The Horse Trust at the age of 21.

At the time of the bomb blast Sefton had suffered 38 penetrating wounds in his body and a piece of metal had severed a main artery in his neck. It was a miracle of expert and prompt veterinary attention which saved Sefton’s life but he required further surgery and 3 weeks later was moved to the Veterinary Hospital of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC) at the Defence Animal Centre (DAC) Melton Mowbray where more pieces of metal were removed.

After enjoying his retirement Sefton passed away in 1993 and it was only fitting that he should be buried at the DAC at Melton.

The last of the surviving horses at the charity was 16hh gelding Yeti and he was known as the little horse that everyone forgot. Yeti endeared himself to everyone and was the epitome of an old gentleman.

Shirley Abbott, Yard Manager at The Horse Trust recalls, “Yeti and Echo were inseparable and {{it was a joy to see such gentle animals enjoying the company of each other after such a horrific act of violence}}.” She continued, “With the care and expertise of our staff they were able to grow old together and live a long and peaceful life.”

Shirley added, “It was a privilege to be able to repay these horses, who had given a life of service, with the companionable peace of the Home of Rest for Horses.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the soldiers that lost their lives and were injured and our special thoughts are with the horses that ended their days peacefully with us, on this 30th anniversary.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dog owners spend over £18 million on entertaining man’s best friend

Doggy day trips are costing drivers millions of pounds due to the costs of fuel

- 27% of people travel daily with their pets

- 27% of dog owners plan round trips for their dogs of up to 101 miles

- 66% of dog owners changed their vehicles for a more dog friendly mode of transport

Britain's dog owners plan to take full advantage of the summer weather and lighter evenings, by taking road trips with their dogs. However, these road trips are costing thousands of pounds, a new survey from Confused.com reveals.

New research of dog-lovers around the country commissioned by Confused.com has shown that we're paying a high price for being a nation of dog lovers, with doggy days out costing dog owners over £18 million in fuel bills.

The UK's lucky canines can expect to enjoy road trips averaging just over 75 miles a time to be taken to their favourite pet friendly place across the country and costing owners nearly £10 per trip.

In fact, almost a third (27%) of dog owners surveyed said they are planning to make round trips of up to 101 miles, with 26% to travel more than 201 miles.

Surprisingly, not only is man’s best friend increasing their owner’s yearly costs but they are also affecting the type of car they buy too. A huge 66% of dog owners admitted to changing their vehicles for a more pet friendly mode of transport with reliability for longer distances.

Forty-nine per cent of dog owners have considered the type of car they are going to buy with regards to the space it offers - and with 29% travelling almost every day with their dog, it is clear why this would be so important. If dog owners are thinking about space for their dogs they must also consider a dog’s safety.

The vehicle of choice must also offer some form of ventilation and the dog should also be supplied with water on a regular basis. A dog must be able to stand up, sit and lie down in comfort on their doggy day trip and if possible dog owners should feed their dog as far in advance of travel as they can.

With so many dog owners travelling hundreds of miles with their dogs they must ensure that their dog is looked after, and ensure they are healthy and clearly collared and tagged before they go on their road trips.

Kate Rose, Head of Pet Insurance at Confused.com, says: “With 1 in 2 households owning a pet and 22% of households now owning a dog, it's clear we're still a nation of animal lovers.

“It’s really encouraging to see dog owners wanting to care for their pets properly, by taking them out on a regular basis and understanding that pets need a vehicle that has room to move.”

“But it’s also important to be aware of the potential dangers when out and about with your dog on foot. Should your dog cause any incidents on its doggy day out, you as the owner are likely to be liable for the costs of any damage caused.”

“Purchasing a pet insurance policy that includes third party cover will protect owners should the incident result in any property damage or personal injury, and it will also cover any legal costs that may arise from the incident. Pet insurance is that essential safety net should anything go wrong, so shopping around on a price comparison site will ensure you get the right cover at a great price.”


K9 Magazine editor Ryan O'Meara offered his thoughts on the findings, include Brighton, Lake District, Cotswolds, Devon and Argyll & Bute as 5 recommended pet friendly places to visit.

Top Tips from Britain's Dog Owners Looking To Choose A Pet Friendly Vehicle

1) Think About How Your Dog Will Enter/Exit The Vehicle – for example, the height of the boot, how the door/s open, type flooring
2) Enough Rear Space For Your Dog & Any New Additions – for example, could you add to your canine family without needing to upgrade?
3) Comfort For Travelling (Short & Long Distances)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Paul Rodgers Donates Memorabilia to Willows Animal Sanctuary‏

Paul Rodgers, founding member and singer/songwriter with Free, Bad Company, The Firm, who resurrected Queen to tour and record with them from 2004 – 2008, and his wife, former Miss Canada, Cynthia Kereluk have become Patrons of Willows Animal Sanctuary in Aberdeen, Scotland, at a crucial time.

"If we can manage to get through the next year I believe we will have beaten the odds and Willows will be on more solid ground for a secure future. Please help if you can." - Paul Rodgers

Willows Animal Sanctuary, one of the only centres of its kind, will run out of funding by the end of July 2012 unless vital money is raised to ensure its survival. Rodgers & Kereluk are supporting the urgent appeal to save the 300 welfare animals that have been refused a home by other centres as they were either injured, old, handicapped or abused resulting in bad behaviour. Also at risk are vulnerable people who have been helped through there Animal Assisted Therapy Program.

It’s been a busy 12 months for Paul, one of the UK’s greatest songwriters and performers, and his wife Cynthia as, last year, they were also named Patrons of England’s premier Racehorse Sanctuary and Re-homing Centre in West Sussex.

They were introduced to the sanctuary, and the plight of ex-racehorses, by close friends and fellow musicians Deborah Bonham and her husband Pete Bullick, who are Trustees.

Both The Racehorse Sanctuary and Willows Animal Sanctuary are self-funded charities that need the public’s help and financial support in order for them to continue their vital work with vulnerable animals and vulnerable people, as the Racehorse Sanctuary works with Autistic individuals.

Paul Rodgers has donated the following items to be raffled on August 28 at just £2 per ticket, for Willows Animal Sanctuary:

Paul Rodgers Autographed Acoustic Guitar
Personal Autographed Tambourine
Bad Company Autographed LP "Run With The Pack"
Autographed Limited Edition and Numbered Paul Rodgers Photo
2 Mystery envelopes potentially worth millions of pounds!
Cosmos Rocks Book
Plus, five other items to make a total of twelve prizes to celebrate Willows’ 12th Anniversary

You can purchase raffle tickets using PayPal by visiting: www.willowsanimals.com

Or Mail £2. per ticket to Willows Animals Willows Animal Sanctuary, Lambhill Farm, New Pitsligo, Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire, AB43 6NY

Rodgers has recently played two benefit concerts, in the UK, for the Racehorse Sanctuary, generating an incredible £80,000 to help with running costs.

His latest studio recording "With Our Love" was co-written and performed with his longtime friend, guitarist Perry Margouleff, with whom Rodgers has collaborated over the years.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of the single is earmarked for the charities The Racehorse Sanctuary & Rocking Horse Children's Charity and Seraphim 12 Foundation, (the latter which Margouleff is a Senior Board Member).

The song "With Our Love", is available now as a digital download or in CD format from the merchandise page on Paul Rodgers’ website for £5 (including shipping and handling): www.paulrodgers.com